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Jacques Lamy first came to America on business in 1985, and while visiting Dallas, he saw a vibrant, dynamic city and chose to make it his home. By the time of his passing in 2016 he had become an institution in the Dallas design community and was known nationally as a respected artist with artistic sensibility and classical European training and the dynamic energy of his adopted home city.


Born in Paris in 1946 and raised in the heart of an idyllic French countryside near the Loire Valley, Jacques Lamy began painting at a very early age. Jacques completed his formal artistic training at the prestigious Ecole Nationale Superieur des Arts Decoratifs (Paris) in 1971. While there, he received the highest peer recognition in European Arts; the coveted Prix de Rome award for painting.


Jacques Lamy’s career as an artist, designer and art teacher took him from his native France to life abroad in Spain, Africa, and the United States. His broad artistic interests and his classic training in art and design have enabled him to enjoy a wide variety of artistic experiences from designing furniture, lamps, tapestries, and elegant garden statuary to creating large scale murals for public viewing and enjoyment.


In addition to his renowned mural work, Jacques received international recognition for his popular line of decorative fresco paintings, which can be found in finer homes, restaurants, hotels and offices.


When not producing work for his clients, Jacques personal artistic style is very much a melding of old and new – a merging of a classically trained artist with a modern artistic vision. The medium is multi-media and the composition has a modern, abstract quality but the Old World training in design and composition lends the whole an air of classical grace. 


Curriculum Vitae

Jacques Lamy,

Born, February 24, 1946 – Paris

Died, September 18th 2016, Dallas, TX

Art Education                   Ecole National Superieure des Arts Decoratifs – Paris

Art Teaching                      Casa de Velasquez – Madrid, Spain – 1971-1973

                                           National Institute of Art, Dakar, Senegal – 1973-1978

                                           Has taught  art in France, Spain, and Africa

                                           Established in the U.S. since 1985

Art Awards                       Prix de Rome de Peinture – Casa de Velasquez - 1971          

                                           Silver Medal for Industrial Creation - 1981

Museums                           Musee D'Art Roger Quillot, Clermont-Ferrand, France

                                           Jesuit Art Museum – Dallas, TX



2012-current        Represented by Wall Gallery – Dallas, TX, USA

2004                      Jesuit Art Museum – Dallas, TX, USA ​

2001-current        Galerie Fine Art – Nantes,  France

2000                      City Hall, Chamalieres – France

1998                      Ivanffy – Uhler Gallery – Dallas, TX

1994-1996            Jacques Lamy Fine Art Gallery


1995                      Neiman Marcus- Dallas and Atlanta

1981-1984            Gallery Frederic Mechiche – Paris

1979-1980            Gallery Philippe Freignac – Paris

1977                      Gallery Teranga – Dakar, Senegal

1976                      Gallery Renaudot – Dakar, Senegal

1975                      Palais Des Eveques – Alan, France

1974                      National Institute of Art – Dakar,


1973                      Salon de La Principaute – De Monaco – Monaco

1972                      Salon of Segovia – Spain

1971- 1972           Casa de Velasquez – Madrid, Spain

                              Institute of France – Paris

1968 – 1970          Salon D’Automne – Paris

                              Salon De Mai – Paris


Major Art Instillations

                              Cru Wine Bar & Restaurant – Dallas & Plano, TX

                              Sfuzzi Restaurants

                              Old Course Hotel – St. Andrews, Scotland

                              Ritz Carlton Hotel – Pasadena, CA

                              Hyatt Regency Hotel - Reston, VA

                              Bacco Restaurant – New Orleans, LA

                              Japengo Restaurant – La Jolla, CA

Numerous residential projects throughout North America & Latin America

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